HTTP integration

FutoIn is agnostic to communication channel. However, HTTP does provide some benefits and is more human friendly in some aspects.

Below are some highlights from FTN5 HTTP integration spec.

HTTP status code

IMPORTANT: even for errors, HTTP status code is 200!

That’s done by intention as HTTP is only a transport communication channel.

HTTP Basic Authorization

Plain login & password is extracted from Authorization: Basic {base64} HTTP header, if present.

Human-friendly GET

The following URL coding is supported: {ENDPOINT}/{iface}/{version}/{function}[/sec-field][?query_params]


Interoperation with POST form data

URL format: {ENDPOINT}/{iface}/{version}/{function}[/sec-field]

Parameters must be sent in POST

Raw data upload

Use the GET URL above, but with POST raw data.

MIME-types for Content-Type header

  • application/futoin+json for JSON coding
  • application/futoin+cbor for CBOR coding
  • application/futoin+msgpack for MessagePack coding
  • application/futoin+ as prefix for other formats not defined here