FutoIn is documentation-driven foundation of neutral software concepts and reference implementations.

FutoIn provides easy mixing of incompatible technologies in projects with loose coupling of all parts.


Main sub-projects

AsyncSteps - asynchronous program steps which mimic traditional linear flow and threads.

Interfaces - rich service API definition with strict types, inheritance and backwards compatible versioning.

Microservices - scalable invoker-executor pattern without boilerplates.

CID - Continuous Integration & Delivery tool.

Database - concept for microservice interface of SQL-like database engines with query and non-blocking transaction builders.

EventStream - DB transaction-bound and generic event stream.

SecVault - secure key vault with data processing which mimics Host Security Module pattern.

Security Concept - advanced authentication & authorization concept for services and users on global scale.

XferEngine - distributed transactional funds operation engine concept.

Primary technology targets

  • C++ is used as primary proof of concept for bare metal use cases.
  • JavaScript(ECMAScript) has been chosen for fast prototyping and large use case coverage.
  • PHP is the first after JS for use case coverage.


After you get familiar with FutoIn through this guide, you can follow to official detailed specifications.

Help & Support

Please use GitHub issue tracker of Helpdesk repository for public questions.

For commercial support and security bug reports, please send emails to support@futoin.org.