AsyncSteps installation


C++ reference implementation uses CMake build system with Hunter for pulling dependencies. It fits well git submodule use case. Please check examples at GitHub or GitLab.

The following CMake targets are available:

  • futoin::api - neutral native API (library)
  • futoin::asyncsteps - reference implementation of AsyncSteps (library)

Typical CMakeLists.txt would look like:


add_executable(YourApp src/main.cpp)

target_link_libraries(YourApp PRIVATE futoin::asyncsteps)

Node.js & Browser (CommonJS)

CommonJS usage is preferred officially supported method of installation.

npm install futoin-asyncsteps
# or
yarn add futoin-asyncsteps


For Node.js v6+:

const $as = require( 'futoin-asyncsteps' );

    .add( () => {} )

For older Node.js and browser:

const $as = require( 'futoin-asyncsteps/es5' );

// the same

Browser standalone (UMD)

Pre-packed UMD builds a available.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

AsynSteps should be available as $as / window.$as global.


At the moment, PHP version complies to older AsyncSteps spec version.

composer require 'futoin/core-php-ri-asyncsteps'


use \FutoIn\RI\AsyncSteps;

$root_as = new AsyncSteps();
$root_as->add( function( $as ) {} );