Database Helpers

This API semantically fits neither database interface nor any of builders.

In most cases Helpers provide engine-specific raw expressions and/or conversions to native client types.

Not all API may be available in all database engines.

Expression API

  • Expression now()

    • Return expression representing current timestamp
  • Expression date(NativeTimestamp value)

    • Convert implementation-defined native timestamp to DB-specific string representation
  • Expression dateModify(Expression expr, Integer +/-seconds)

    • Return expression representing source date/time expression being applied with seconds interval implementation-defined way
  • String escape(value)

    • value - any value, including QueryBuilder instance
  • String identifier(name)

    • name - string to escape as identifier
  • Expression expr(expr)

    • expr - raw expression
    • wrap raw expression to avoid escaping as value
  • Expression concat(args...)

    • Return expression of argument concatenation
  • Expression cast(a, type)

    • Return a cast to type expression
  • Expression add(a...)

    • Return addition expression
  • Expression sub(a, b)

    • Return subtraction expression
  • Expression mul(a...)

    • Return multiplication expression
  • Expression div(a, b)

    • Return division expression
  • Expression mod(a, b)

    • Return reminder expression
  • Expression least(a...)

    • Return minimal of arguments expression
  • Expression greatest(a...)

    • Return maximal of arguments expression
  • any other - implementation is free to add any other meaningful helpers

Conversion API

  • NativeTimestamp nativeDate(String value)

    • Get implementation-defined timestamp from string representation of date / datetime object